Nailing Writing Assignments: Tips from a Teen Author 

September 27, 2021 3 min read

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Writing exams

By 14-year-old author Risha Chaurasia 

Writing. I’m sure we’ve all come face to face and struggled with it at least once in our lives. From working on a school essay to scrambling to find the right words, writing is one challenging job. I’m here to make it slightly easier.

In this article, I’ll give you authentic, first-hand advice from experience and knowledge of being a teen author to nail your assignments and to sharpen those creative and writing skills!

Here we go!

1. Become a reader

Writing is an art—an art of words and expression

And more often than not we struggle with this very essence. How many times have you struggled to put your thoughts and feelings into words or scuffled the right words? I have. Many times.

And over time, I’ve come to learn that there’s only one secret sauce to great vocabulary: READING.

If writing is a painting, then reading is the colors. Reading makes you a better writer and also a knowledgeable and intellectual person.

So, my first tip for you would be to read. Read for just 15 minutes a day, but do it. Read a novel or even short news stories or poems, just read, and you’ll soon notice the miracles it does.

I have felt it. All I’ve ever accomplished today is by reading, and if you read, you lead!

Reading is your first step towards nailing those assignments and projects!

Building on my previous point, reading also keeps you well informed and helps to recall information in stressful times like those of writing essays during an exam.

2. Don't rush

Speaking of writing essays during exams, here’s a tip for that!

Often, in a hurry and panic to get the writing done, we rush through it, only to realize later that we’d missed an important point or goofed up someplace else.

Writing is not a job to be rushed. So, before starting a writing project, take a breather. Halt for a second.

Read the question thoroughly.

Take a deep beat. Think about the topic for a moment, perhaps form a mental outline of the essay. Then begin.

Writing skills are equally a test of character, as they are of language command. So, half for a second, think, and then begin.

Now, I understand the time constraints that come alongside exams, a reading comes in here. Reading is a boon to humanity, and an avid reader rarely struggles with writing skills.

Mark my words.

3. Let the writing rest

Staying on the topic of writing assignments: if you're in a non-exam setting, it’s always better to start with them earlier than the deadline.

It’s best to rest the writing for a day or two before submitting it since it allows us to make last-minute changes and make it a better piece.

So while you rest, let the writing rest and then look at it with fresh eyes.

That’s it for this article from me! As parting words, all I’d say is: READ! Read, and your life will change. I guarantee that!

So, keep writing and reading and strive to be better every day!


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About the Author

Risha Chaurasia is a 14-year-old Indian author, blogger, and literature advocate spreading positivity through writing. She published her first novel, Tales of Twinkling Tweens at age 11, and her second novel, TRUCE, was recently released.

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Dr. Pratibbha
Dr. Pratibbha

October 04, 2021

Simple and crisp tips by young author.

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