Congrats—you wrote your book! Now it's time to publish. Our experts will help ensure that your labor of love finds its readers

By now you've poured months or even years into your book, and you want it to have a lasting impact on the world. You've carved out countless hours to write, battled mental hurdles, and crossed the finish line with your finished manuscript. Take time to celebrate!

Next up: Publishing

Whether you're looking to self-publish, or do it the traditional way, navigating the publishing process can be daunting, and comes with its worries and fears.

If it's your first time publishing, you probably have endless questions about what to do next: Is my writing any good? How should I query a literary agent? Do I need to hire my own editor?

We've helped hundreds of clients answer these questions and more, improve their manuscripts, secure literary agents, and create an action plan to get published.

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How We Can Help

We match writers with literary agents, authors, editors, and other experts to provide you with feedback and editing for your manuscript or query letter, plus advice on your next steps toward publishing.

Our experts will help you:

• Revise and edit your manuscript.

• Give you detailed feedback & critique on your writing.

• Provide you with an understanding of what's working and what's not working in your book.

• Help you create a publishing plan with clear, actionable steps that will improve your chances of finding a literary agent and securing a traditional book deal.

• Position your book so that it's most likely to succeed through self-publishing.


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