Supporting Child Literacy through

Zambia Village
SYWW Founder Mike Pietrzak delivering solar lamps to school children in Zambia, Southern Africa

250 million children globally can't read

We believe that's unacceptable.

Literacy is a prerequisite for eradicating poverty, but in many countries there is a severe shortage of books for young children in their local language.

Even when books are available, often they are not in a child's mother tongue, and are not culturally relatable.

As a result, 250 million children are more vulnerable to social and economic exploitation.

So You Want to Write? believes that literacy and books are a human right.



NABU's mission is to get more children in developing countries reading.

It does this by:

  • Providing books to children through its FREE reading app.
  • Training writers and illustrators to create original, local language books that help children learn to read.

NABU disrupts the cycle of poverty by serving children and families in Haiti, Rwanda, and other developing countries.

NABU is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that was founded in New York City in 2013, so your donations may be tax deductible.

Both NABU and SYWW are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of eradicating illiteracy by 2030.

How You Can Help

When children can read in their local language first, they grow in confidence, and literacy levels shoot up.

Your donation to NABU will allow it to provide more books to greater numbers of children, grow their confidence and curiosity, increase their opportunities, and break the cycle of poverty.

Donate now to provide access to quality, culturally relevant story books for children living in poverty, who will struggle to read without your compassion. 

Why Donate?

Literacy and access to books are basic human rights, but 250 million children can't read.

A modest donation from you can change that, and bring the gift of books to children in need.

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