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Are you a writer struggling with self-doubt or perfectionism?
Facing creative blocks, or having trouble finding time to write?
Do you need guidance publishing or marketing your book?
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Don’t stay stuck any longer. Don’t give up on your book because you can’t write it the way you want to, or can’t find an agent or publisher.

Our writing courses will give you actionable feedback about your writing that will improve your book.

Your new writing coach will hold you accountable, so you can finish your book faster.

And, you'll get the guidance you need to publish and market your book.

Choose the service that's right for you, and come away with certainty on your next steps, and 100% faith that you will write & publish your book.

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Look, you’ve struggled long enough with being stuck, letting life's responsibilities and setbacks get in the way of your writing.

Sure, you could try to write your book on your own, but without help you might never find out what's not working with your book.

You could keep querying without success, and stay confused about the path to publication.

You could keep attending free critique groups with amateur writers at your local coffee shop.

You could get yet another writing degree or certificate that you don’t need.

...But we'd rather help you leave a legacy for the world in the pages of your book!

Find Your Writing Mentor
Write without fear.

Find your writing mentor

Our literary agents and writing coaches will help you go from unsure if your writing is any good to confident that readers, agents, and publishers will compete to get your book...

From confused about the publishing process to clear on the exact steps needed to get to bookstore shelves...

From writing inconsistently to producing quality pages each week...

From writing alone in a vacuum, to writing in a supportive, enlightening, motivating, and fun community with talented peers and curated resources, under the guidance of an experienced industry expert.

Find Your Writing Mentor
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Get feedback on your writing or query letter, and publishing advice from our writing coaches.

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