You've published your book—what an achievement! Next step: marketing. Our experts will help you grow your audience and author platform

Whether you take the traditional or self-publishing route, publishing a book is no easy feat. It takes dedication, courage, and a strong sense of purpose. Take a moment to reflect and be proud of your hard work!


Now it's time to promote your book

You've spent months or years writing your book. You want people to, you know, read it—and not just family and friends!

Most writers are not experienced marketers (you're normal!) But in today's publishing market you can't rely on your publisher or Amazon or fate to sell books for you.

Promoting your book requires strategy and consistency. We can teach you how.

Fiction writers can start publishing snippets of their creative work in literary journals.

Non-fiction writers can build their brand by publishing articles in magazines.

Lucky for you, we've helped hundreds of clients do exactly that—plus polish their websites and social media strategies to engage new readers and sell more books.

Find Your Marketing Coach

How We Can Help

We match writers with literary agents, authors, editors, and other marketing experts to help you build a buzz for your book, and sell more copies.

Our experts will:

• Explain how to grow your sales through online marketplaces like Amazon.

• Teach you how to write for magazines with large audiences of new buyers for your book.

• Show you exactly how to pitch your story to a magazine.

• Help you choose the right publication to send your pitch to.

• Build your author platform and social media audience.

• Create a website that sells books.


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