Manuscript Review and Query with Literary Agent Sam Hiyate

For Full Manuscript Review, please contact us directly to inquire.

45-minute 1-on-1 meeting with one of our experts including a pre-reading of up to 20 pages of your manuscript & query letter

Sometimes you just need an expert to look at your work.

Sam Hiyate will meet you 1-on-1 via Zoom to give detailed feedback about your manuscript or book proposal. This includes:

45 minutes 1-on-1 with our experienced experts

A thorough pre-reading of 20 pages (double-spaced) of your writing

A close look at your query letter

If you are in in the same city as the expert, and prefer to meet in person, we may be able to arrange a face-to-face meeting (just contact us!). 

What Writers Are Saying About Sam Hiyate

"I can’t remember a more enjoyable and informative presentation. Sam's stories from the world of publishing vividly illustrated his points. His ability to focus on each person’s work and rearrange elements showed directorial genius… I am very glad I attended and look forward to querying Sam when I am further along in [my writing].”
— Tim Christian, Victoria

"I had a wonderful time with Sam yesterday. Could you please extend my appreciation to him for his time and all his invaluable advice? I cannot thank you and Sam enough for organizing this unique opportunity for new novelists such as myself. I hope to have another meeting with him in the future." 
— Yale Wang, Toronto

“What I love about working with Sam is that it gives me a greater understanding of the industry. You can try to study creative writing in a class, but it's hard to learn what will set you apart until you work with someone who sells books for a living! If your goal is to eventually publish, I think Sam's advice and support is invaluable. He has added tremendous value to my near-finished manuscript.”
— Amy Dixon, Toronto

How It Works

Once you purchase your session, we'll email you within 2 business days to schedule a meeting date and time, and to chat about any specific requirements or requests you have. 

We'll need to receive your manuscript pages and your synopsis 5 days in advance of your meeting so that our expert has a chance to read them thoroughly.

At the time of your meeting, our expert will contact you by Zoom to dive right in!

You'll walk away with excellent insight from a professional about how to write, improve, market and sell your book or other work!

Manuscript Review and Query with Literary Agent Sam Hiyate


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