How to Write a Blog Post—5 Essential Tips for Content Writers

March 07, 2022 3 min read


By Author Jennifer Caston

It's easy to get bogged down in writing and face the dreaded block when you must generate articles regularly. There are many ways to approach content creation, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare.  

Don't give up. 

If you've ever questioned how to produce a blog article that people want to read, this article is for you. Let's get started now.

What Are The Features Of A Great Blog Post?

A great blog post is both entertaining and instructional. Answering a reader's query or helping them overcome a problem is the purpose of blogs, but answering someone's inquiries isn't enough. You must find a way to do so in an engaging manner. Providing concrete examples and tactical tools are good ways to peak interest.

Top 5 Tips for Content Writers

1. Always Write a Unique introduction

To begin, you must capture the reader's interest. After only a few lines or perhaps a few phrases, the reader will quit reading if your introduction is not compelling. 

You can achieve this in numerous ways, including telling a tale, making a joke, or being empathic.

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In the following paragraphs, explain your article and help the reader. 

That way, you may entice the reader to keep reading by showing how the content will benefit their career or personal life.

2. Paraphrase Efficiently

Sometimes we have to cite existing information in our blog posts. To re-package existing content, you have to brainstorm. 

Or, you can use paraphrasing tools like to do so more efficiently. This tool will assist you in developing unique and entertaining content in a couple of seconds by using robust AI algorithms. 

The tone of the content produced by these tools is authentic—it maintains the readability channel.

3. Always Write in the Active Voice

Reading a statement written in the active voice is easier for the reader. There is a distinct difference between a passive and an active voice when writing a sentence. 

When you use the passive voice, you risk confusing your readers. Using the active voice allows you to speak directly to your audience, which increases theimpact of your writing.

4. Write in Short Paragraphs

For blog posts, format is critical. Reading a post that consists of one, extremely long paragraph is the worst.

To increase the likelihood that your blog post will be read, do anything you can to make it easier on the user's eyes.

The usage of shorter phrases might also assist your viewers in navigating your text. To keep readers interested, we usually suggest using subheadings to break up long text passages.

5. Use Bullet Points

An excellent technique to keep your audience interested in what you're saying is to use bullet points.

Like subheadings, their appeal lies in them making the post quick to scan. Here are a few strategies we've found supportive in creating bullet points that get read:

  • Consider bullets to be mini-headlines.
  • Maintain symmetry in your bullets by keeping them of similar length.
  • Keep bullets to a minimum. 

Editing and Formatting

Editing a blog post can often be more complicated than writing one. 

Many individuals wrongly believe that editing is merely removing phrases that don't make sense or correcting grammatical mistakes.

When it comes to editing, it's about seeing the entire work and being prepared to sacrifice words to achieve harmony.

You can ask someone to look at your content and point out mistakes. For novice or unskilled bloggers, this is essential.

Giving your work to someone else to take a look at is not a sign of weakness or failure. It's a show of dedication. You're committed to making your work the best it can be.


Blogging is one of those jobs that appears simple until you have to put in the time to accomplish it. 

The good thing is that it becomes easier with practice, and with enough time and effort, you'll be blogging like an expert in no time.

Write to me in the comments if I missed anything important or if you have any queries regarding the process of creating a blog post.

Want to learn how to become a freelance writer? Book a 1-on-1 consultation with Freelance Writer Mike Pietrzak.

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