How to Set Your Freelance Writing Rates

December 08, 2021 3 min read

By Author Jhon Frank

When one is new to the field of freelancing, they must set their freelance writing rate. To decide how much to charge, consider niche, writing skill, network, location, and clients.

Niches differ in prices, while writing skills play a vital role in forming engaging content. It isn't easy to charge for your skills orally or in written form. But with the ease of an online salary calculator, you can easily convert the salary amount to their corresponding values, depending on the various payment frequencies. 

One can quickly begin by turning to their network to begin landing gigs, while simultaneously starting a service-based blog. 

Newbie Rates

One should start small and move up step-by-step. But that doesn't mean you have to charge too low. You have to make a living and one cannot, for instance, do so at $0.5/word.

Consider what you need to charge to begin making a living as a writer, and start there. There are tools online to help with this. 

Remember: start there. Plan to grow your income as a freelance writer over time.

Hourly Freelance Writing

Some writers get paid hourly. This payment method is a negative for fast typers.

If individuals are still interested in hourly freelance writing rates, they should charge $45/hr-$50/hr minimum.

Individuals should use an online, hourly rate, salary calculator for the ease ofcalculation.

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One-Piece Projects

As a newbie, one may land on one-piece projects or blog posts that seem fun and exciting and help one figure out their niche. The rate may be low as one is new in the market, but the individual is learning and adjusting, so it's a good start.


Once the individual has a grip on freelance writing, they soon realize what niche they're interested in and will have groomed their writing skills. Their niche and writing skills decide how much they should charge.

The one-piece projects help one learn what topics they enjoy writing about and which ones provide a high income. One also knows the type of clients they would enjoy working with, at which point one can become picky with choosing freelance writing jobs.

Recurring Work

The supply of writers in the market is saturated, which means one has to find ways to sustain their workflow. Recurring work usually entails giving discounts on one's freelance writing rate.

Bundle projects—like multiple blog posts, emails, and social media posts, in which you will cut down the charges, such that it remains profitable for oneself and the client.

Before charging the fee and giving the discount to your customers, it is very important to do the salary estimates for your work. For ease, use the salary calculator.

How To Be Taken Seriously

One needs to set up a website that lists their rates; be consistent with their rates; and collect a retainer before starting.

Some writers charge per word, and, if one wishes to do so, they should choose a rate and stick with it—for all projects they work on within a niche. Often, the charges change depending upon the niche you're working in.

Be Realistic

A client may ask you to deliver a piece with a fast turnaround time. Editors, publishers, and clients expect quality and top-notch material. Given that, if you cannot complete your piece within this bracket of time while delivering high quality, be sure to ask for more time.

Stand Up For Yourself

One should never lower their rates. Believe in your talent and skill, even when the market is saturated.

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