Spring Into Your New Book

Advanced Program Led by Literary Agent Sam Hiyate

Next program begins on May 19, 2024. 6 writers only!

In this 6-month program you will receive personalized weekly feedback on your writing from an experienced literary agent who knows both great writing and the publishing industry. Most weeks also include live, 2-hour video discussions.

You'll enjoy the accountability of writing and submitting pages every week, get unstuck, and finish your book.

And you'll do it in a fun community that motivates you to write; in a forum for dialogue, where you can have all your writing questions answered.

Plus, learn invaluable writing and publishing skills (critiquing, outlining, writer psychology, editing, and querying) from expert guest lecturers.

At the end of this program you will have the opportunity to pitch your book to a panel of literary agents from various companies for additional feedback and direction.

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Conquer the Impenetrable Fortress of Publishing

Let's be real: the traditional publishing industry is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a query letter.

What are the steps to get from book idea to the bookstore shelves?

What are readers and editors looking for? What do I do when I finish my book?

Who do I pitch? How do I query? How do I build my audience?

Answers to all of these questions and more will be revealed as you write your book during this 6-month program.

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Slay the Dragon of Resistance

Why haven't you finished your book yet?

Are you having trouble getting started? Lacking motivation? Procrastinating?

Perhaps you're struggling with your own doubts, fears, or perfectionism?

You are perfectly normal, and we are here to help.

We know you: NOT writing is NOT an option. When you can't write, you lose a part of yourself. You need to express yourself through your words, and want to publish your story and leave a legacy for the world.

This program will do that for you.

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Meet Your Writing Guide

This program is led by Sam Hiyate, literary agent and president of The Rights Factory, an international literary agency based in Toronto.

In his 30+ year publishing career he has launched the careers of numerous New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling authors.

He teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto and publishing at Ryerson University.

He will be supported by expert guest lecturers (to be announced) who will help you bolster your skills in crucial aspects of your writing journey. Guest lecturers will include:

An expert on outlining your book. A creativity/mindset coach to speak about writer psychology. A professional editor for guidance on polishing your book. An expert on querying literary agents and securing a traditional book deal.

At the end of the course you will have the option to pitch a panel of literary agents for feedback on your book.

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What to expect in this program:

Here's a look inside one of our past writer coaching programs...


We Are: So You Want To Write?

Soyouwanttowrite.org has been helping writers improve their work and publish books since 2017.

Each month more than 20,000 visitors read our writer tips blog, and we have 4,000 active subscribers.

Hundreds of writers move through our training programs each year, and many go on to publish books.

Become our next success story—apply to our Spring Into Your New Book program now!

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About the Spring Into Your New Book Program

This is an application-based program for intermediate to advanced writers (newer writers may wish to check out our writer coaching programs). 

Not all who apply will be accepted, and there are seats for only 6 writers.

Here's how to apply:

• Register now with a $500 deposit (refundable if you are not accepted).

• Writers who have NOT taken one of our programs: please send us a 5,000-word sample of your best writing.

• See the fee schedule below for total program costs.

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Results You Can Count On

1. Get Motivated: Beat procrastination, get unstuck, and find the accountability to produce new writing each week.

2. Finish Your Book: Get invaluable weekly feedback from a trusted literary agent with 30+ years of experience, plus learn from expert guest lecturers. Find out what's working in your book, and how to fix what's not.

3. Publish Your Book: Improve your chances of getting a book deal with a publisher. Graduate the program with a “next steps” plan tailored for you, and even pitch your book to a PANEL OF LITERARY AGENTS after the program is completed!

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Write without fear.

Stop Struggling With Your Book

Look, you’ve struggled long enough with being stuck, letting life's responsibilities and setbacks get in the way of your writing.

Sure, you could try to write your book on your own, but without this program you might never find out what's not working with your book.

You could keep querying without success, and stay confused about the path to publication.

You could keep attending free critique groups with amateur writers at your local coffee shop.

You could get yet another writing degree or certificate that you don’t need.

...But we'd rather help you leave a legacy for the world in the pages of your book!

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Course Format

  • You are invited to submit up to 5,000 words (about 20 pages double-spaced... but 5 or 10 pages is fine, too!) on the Monday (by 12pm) before each weekly session.
  • In each session you will receive written feedback from Sam and your peers. We use Slack for uploading submissions and text-based discussion.
  • Note: there is no obligation to comment on all your peers' work each week; your first responsibility is to your own writing!
  • Each month will also include a live video discussion with Sam and your peers through the magic of Zoom.
  • Some weeks will also include mini-workshops with subject matter experts, live on Zoom.
  • Zoom sessions will take place on Sundays, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern Time (NYC/Toronto).

Program Schedule, May-December 2024

(Subject to change.)

May 19, Session 1 (Zoom)
  • Introduce yourself and your writing goals
  • Lesson: How to critique others' writing
  • Share your first 20 pages for feedback and live video discussion with Sam Hiyate and peers
  • May 26, Session 2 (Slack)
  • Lesson: Advanced Book Outlining Techniques
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • June 2, Session 3 (Zoom)
  • Submit your book outline for feedback and discussion with Sam
  • June 9 BREAK WEEK
    June 16, Session 4 (Zoom)
  • Live video discussion with Sam & your peers
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • June 23, Session 5 (Slack)
  • Lesson: How to Handle Stuckness with Creativity Coach Lyndsay Carder
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • June 30, Session 6, (Zoom)
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • July 7 BREAK WEEK
    July 14, Session 7 (Zoom)
  • Live video discussion with Sam & your peers
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • July 21, Session 8 (Slack)
  • Lesson: How to Edit Your Own Work with Bev Katz Rosenbaum
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • July 28, Session 9 (Zoom)
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • AugustOFF
    Sept. 1, Session 10 (Zoom)
  • Live video discussion with Sam & your peers
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Sept. 8, Session 11 (Slack)
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Sept. 15, Session 12 (Zoom)
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Sept. 22 BREAK WEEK
    Sept. 29, Session 13 (Zoom)
  • Live video discussion with Sam & your peers
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Oct. 6, Session 14 (Slack)
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Oct. 13, Session 15 (Zoom)
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Oct. 20
  • Oct. 27, Session 16 (Zoom)
  • Live video discussion with Sam & your peers
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Nov. 3, Session 17 (Slack)
  • Lesson: How to Query with Author, Editor, and Former Literary Agent Alisha Sevigny
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Nov. 10, Session 18 (Zoom)
  • Written feedback on your weekly pages from Sam
  • Nov. 17 BREAK WEEK
    Nov. 24, Session 19 (Zoom)
  • "Next steps" session with Sam—receive a personalized roadmap to continue writing and editing after the program, and persist to a publishing deal.
  • Dec. 1, Session 20 (Slack)
    Dec. 8, Session 21 (Zoom)
    Dec. 15, Session 22 (Zoom)
    Winter 2025 (date to be determined): Literary Agent Pitch Pitch Panel, Session 23 (Zoom)
  • Pitch your book to a panel of 3 literary agents for feedback!
  • Agents will read your query and synopsis in advance
  • 10 minutes per writer

    Fee Schedule

    • If your application is accepted, we ask for a US$500 deposit to hold your seat.
    • A second payment of US$500 is due prior to the first session.
    • 5 additional payments of US$500 will be due prior to sessions #4, #7, #10, #14, #17 and #20.
    • Total program cost is US$4,000.


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    Spring Into Your New Book—Advanced Writers' Program ($3995 USD total)

    6 spots left

    Note: We require a 1,000 word writing sample for writers who have not yet taken a program with Sam.


    Not sure if this program is a fit for you?

    Our consultants (who are also writers) will meet with you to discuss your project, goals, and suitability for the program.

    Or email us with your questions. We try to accomodate all special requests.


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