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Virtual event: April 28 2024 - 12:00PM to 1:00PM EST

Write to Attract Readers

You've spent hours pondering, plotting, writing, and re-writing your book. You should have a draft you love by now, but you're not sure. You wish you could have an expert's feedback.

It's time you get exactly what you're craving.

This 60-minute workshop is designed for new and intermediate writers. It will demystify the book writing process and help you navigate the publishing industry so you can improve your craft, become a better advocate for your work, and up your chances of selling your book to a publisher that supports your unique voice and approach to storytelling.

You'll learn valuable resources from Literary Agent Sam Hiyate that will leave you feeling motivated and confident about the exact next steps you need to take to write and publish your book.

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Meet your writing guide

Sam is President of The Rights Factory, an international literary agency based in Toronto.

In his 30+ year publishing career he has worked at literary magazines, small presses and with New York Times & Globe and Mail bestsellers

Sam has published bestselling authors including: 

Sam has edited and represented genres from debut fiction and memoir to narrative non-fiction and graphic novels. He teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto, and publishing at Ryerson University.

He is a regular lecturer and speaker at other colleges, universities, and writing conferences.

What to expect in this AMA

Workshop leader and literary agent Sam Hiyate will:

Become a better writer

1. Conquer Your Fear: boost your writing confidence; let go of the stories that are keeping you stuck; and remember that you are writing your book to be read, not discarded.

2. Get Motivated: find excitement in the writing process; learn how to be efficient and effective; and find accountability in a supportive group of like-minded writers.

3. Write a Winning Book: craft intriguing prose, develop characters that are believable and enticing, and create a plot that attracts your ideal literary agent.

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Start writing your book with confidence

Look, you’ve spent more than enough time worrying about your book—whether the writing is good enough, whether the story is interesting, whether anyone will care about your characters.

Sure, you could try to push past this and finish your book on your own, but without this program you might never find out what's not working with your book.

You could keep scoping blogs for tips without success, and stay uncertain about the quality of your work.

You could keep attending free critique groups with amateur writers at your local coffee shop.

You could get yet another writing degree or certificate that you don’t need.

...But we'd rather help you leave a legacy for the world in the pages of your book!

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