[Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror] Writer Coaching Program

Led by Literary Agent Beth Marshea

Next program begins on February 9, 2023. 6 writers only!

This 6-week writer coaching program aims to support speculative fiction writers (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc.) in their quest to improve their craft and navigating the publishing industry.

In this program, you will learn from Literary Agent Beth Marshea how to hone your craft, whether you're writing in the fantasy, sci-fi, or horror genre.

Beth will share valuable resources that will leave you feeling motivated and confident about the exact next steps you need to take to write and publish your book.

You will improve your craft and your book with weekly feedback on your writing, enjoy motivation and accountability, and join a fun, supportive community of your fellow writers.

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Demystify the Publishing Process and Create Your Best Speculative Fiction Book

Are you an aspiring author who writes fantasy, science fiction, or horror? Do you have a story idea that you've begun to write, but can't find the drive to finish? Or, maybe you have finished a first draft but have no idea what to do next?

Are you struggling to world-build, create authentic characters, or pace your book in a way that will engage readers?

Writing a book is hard enough. Constructing an entire universe as you develop a compelling plot line—not to mention deliver it all in beautiful prose... well, that's for a special sort of writer. 

But you're committed to your craft and up for the challenge. You're meant to do this!

At the end of this 6-week program, you’ll use the feedback you receive from an expert literary agent, and your peers, to raise your writing and your book to the next level, and move toward publication.

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Boost Your Motivation in a Supportive Peer Group

There is no better motivation for writers than getting instant feedback on your work. In this program, you will share your writing (up to 5,000 words each week) and receive helpful feedback and guidance from literary agent Beth Marshea and other writers in the program. 

Consider this program a kind of “One-Stop Shop” for building your speculative fiction writing career. It will turn you into a better writer, help you craft your query letter, finish your book faster, and create the best, most polished product at the end of the 6 weeks.

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How will this program kick-start my writing career?

From our experience helping hundreds of writers with their books (and being writers ourselves), we know that writers improve fastest when they share their writing, get feedback, then incorporate that information into their work. 

The best kind of feedback is from an expert in the field—someone who has helped publish many authors as a literary agent—someone like Beth Marshea, who will lead this coaching program.

Because this program is limited to 6 writers, each participant will get to share their writing each week and receive critical feedback from an industry expert and your peers, which will help you revise and improve your manuscript.

At the end of the 6-week program, you will have all or part of a book written, and you will be well-positioned to publish, either traditionally or by self-publishing.

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About Literary Agent Beth Marshea

Beth is the owner and Lead Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. She has a BA in Literature and a Masters in Business Administration and is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring more diversity into publishing and beyond.

Beth has had the pleasure of representing many clients, including:

• V Castro (Aliens: Vasquez, The Haunting of Alejandra)

• Catherine Adel West (Saving Ruby King, The Two Lives of Sara)

• M Shelly Conner (Everyman)

• Cody Luff (Ration)

• Nneka Okona (Self-Care for Grief, The Little Book of Self-Care)

• Loretta Brady (Technology Touchpoints)

• Harshita Jerath (Eva's Sweet Recipe, The Leaping Laddoo)

• BL Radley (Strictly No Heroics)

In addition to agenting, Beth presents at conferences across the United States including Writers Day Conferences, Atlanta Writers Groups, Metro West Writers Group, Futurescapes and many more.

She teaches regular classes at her local community center and is always looking for ways to reach out and uplift writers. She is passionate about all writing but has a soft spot for mysteries and thrillers in all age categories.

Who is this program for?

  • New and intermediate writers.
  • "The Novice": Writers who have an idea.
  • “The Dabbler”: Writers who have some chapters written.
  • “The Finisher”: Writers who have a completed manuscript.
  • Speculative fiction (sci-fi, horror, fantasy fiction) writers who are willing to write & revise up to 20 pages weekly to share for weekly feedback.
  • Writers who want to accelerate their progress toward publishing in a 6-week, intensive coaching program, under the guidance of an experienced literary agent, and former editor.
  • Self-published authors who were not happy with the success of their previous book(s).

Who is this program NOT for?

We have designed a program that’s meant to support writers who are at many stages in the writing process, but this is not for everyone. The format and approach will likely not suit the following writers:

  • Advanced writers.
  • Non-fiction writers.
  • Writers with a completed manuscript who are unwilling to make potentially major changes to their book.
  • Writers with a polished manuscript who are primarily interested in learning how to land a publishing deal.
  • Traditionally published authors who are already familiar with writing process challenges including finishing multiple drafts, seeking peer feedback, working with an editor, querying an agent, and landing a book deal.
  • Writers who are unwilling to write and submit new work weekly.
  • Writers who are NOT writing speculative fiction.

Results You Can Count On

Picture holding the first printed copy of your book in your hands. Picture seeing it on store shelves around the world. Picture pulling it up on Amazon and seeing hundreds of five-star reviews.

This 6-week intensive mentorship will help you improve your craft, crack your writer's block, boost your self-confidence, and give you the expert feedback you need to there. 

This program is led by Beth Marshea, a literary agent with years of experience in the publishing industry. She knows great writing, but also what publishers—and readers—are seeking.

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Stop Stressing Over Your Book

You've spent enough time trying to sort out the best strategies and tactics for world-building.

You've read countless blogs on how to improve your pacing to hold the slippery attention of readers today.

You've tried your best to stay motivated long enough to finish your manuscript and wade through the murky query trenches.

You've learned how to plaster a smile on your face and spew vague answers when your friends ask about the progress of your book.

You could stay in this place, confused about the path to publication.

You could continue trading pages with amateur writing friends you met online, scrolling through blogs, wasting time on Twitter.

You could enrol in yet another college writing course with no new information.

...But we'd rather help you leave a legacy for the world in the pages of your book!

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Program Format

  • Duration: 6 weeks. Next program begins on February 9, 2023.
  • Meetings: Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, Eastern Time (Toronto/NYC) weekly.
  • Share your work and post questions at any time on our private Slack channel for feedback and discussion.
  • Weekly: Slack check-ins from Literary Agent Beth Marshea, who will provide feedback on your writing and guidance on your project.
  • Most Weeks: 2-hour, live group video chat sessions with Beth and your peers.


Program Schedule, February-March 2023

(Dates subject to change.)

  • February 9: Introductory video chat and first sharing and feedback session
  • February 16: Video session
  • February 23: Slack session
  • March 2: Writing catch-up week (no session)
  • March 9: Video session
  • March 16: Slack session
  • March 23: Video session



In this program you will receive weekly feedback that will help you improve your writing, find accountability and motivation, and join a fun, supportive community so that you can produce your best short story and get published faster—all under the guidance of an established literary agent.

The cost for 12 sessions and ongoing engagement via Slack is USD$795 USD $955.


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Not sure if this program is a fit for you?

Our consultants (who are also writers) will meet with you to discuss your project, goals, and suitability for the program.

Or email us with your questions. We try to accomodate all special requests.


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