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12-Week Writer Coaching Program (led by Literary Agent Sam Hiyate)

12-Week Writer Coaching Program (led by Literary Agent Sam Hiyate)

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Program Overview

In this 12-week writer coaching program you will work intensively with Literary Agent Sam Hiyate and your peers to improve your writing, create the best version of your book, and get closer to landing a publishing deal!

Improve your writing and create the best version of your book

Do you have an incredible story that’s bursting to get out into the world, but you can’t quite seem to find the write voice? Unsure how to structure it? Or maybe you have a completed manuscript, but want to make sure it’s polished and ready for publishing?

At the end of this 12-week program you’ll raise your writing and your book to the next level.

Get Published Faster

Picture your book on store shelves around the world, thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, and holding the first printed copy in your hands. How do you get there?

This program is led by Sam Hiyate, a literary agent with 30 years of experience in the publishing industry. He’s published multiple bestsellers, and he knows great writing and what publishers - and readers - are looking for.

Boost your motivation surrounded by a supportive peer group

There is no better motivation for writers than to share your work and get instant feedback. In this workshop you will share your work and received helpful feedback and guidance from Literary Agent Sam Hiyate and other writers in the program.

Consider this a kind of Writer Boot Camp that will build you into a better writer, help you finish your book faster, and create the best, most polished product at the end of 12-weeks.

How will this program kick-start my writing career?

From our experience helping hundreds of writers with their books (and being writers ourselves), we know that writers improve fastest when they share their writing to get feedback, then incorporate that knowledge into their work.

And the best kind of feedback is from an expert in the field, someone who has guided numerous authors to bestseller status over a 30-year career in publishing, like Literary Agent Sam Hiyate, who will lead this coaching program.

Because this program is limited to 20 writers, everyone will have a chance to share their work and receive critical feedback, both from Literary Agent Sam Hiyate and your peers, that will help you revise and improve your book.

At the end of the 12-week program you will have part or all of a book written, and you will be well-positioned to publish, either traditionally or through self-publishing.

About Literary Agent Sam Hiyate

This coaching program is led by Sam Hiyate, literary agent and President of The Rights Factory, an international literary agency based in Toronto.

In his 30-year publishing career he has launched the careers of numerous New York Times & Globe and Mail bestselling authors.

Sam has published bestselling authors including:

He teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto, and publishing at Ryerson University.

What writers are saying

"I can’t remember a more enjoyable and informative presentation. Sam's stories from the world of publishing vividly illustrated his points. His ability to focus on each person’s work and rearrange elements showed directorial genius… I am very glad I attended and look forward to querying Sam when I am further along in [my writing]”

– Tim Christian, Victoria

"I had a wonderful time with Sam yesterday. Could you please extend my appreciation to him for his time and all his invaluable advice? I cannot thank you and Sam enough for organizing this unique opportunity for new novelists such as myself. I hope to have another meeting with him in the future."

– Yale Wang, Toronto

“What I love about working with Sam is that it gives me a greater understanding of the industry. You can try to study creative writing in a class, but it's hard to learn what will set you apart until you work with someone who sells books for a living! If your goal is to eventually publish, I think Sam's advice and support is invaluable. He has added tremendous value to my near-finished manuscript.”

– Amy Dixon, Toronto

Program Format

  • Duration: 12 weeks. Next program begins on September 3rd, 2019.
  • Meetings: Tuesdays from 6pm to 9pm, Eastern Time (Toronto/NYC)
  • Share your work at any time on our private Slack channel for feedback and discussion.
  • Weekly: check-ins from Literary Agent Sam Hiyate on Slack to provide feedback on your writing and guidance on your project.
  • Bi-weekly: 2-hour, live group video chat sessions with Sam and your peers

Who is this program for?

  • “The Novice”: Writers who have an idea
  • “The Dabbler”: Writers who have some chapters written
  • “The Finisher”: Writers who have a completed manuscript
  • Writers who are willing to write & revise up to 10 pages weekly to share for weekly feedback
  • Writers who want to accelerate their progress toward publishing in a 12-week, intensive coaching program, under the guidance of an expert literary agent.
  • Self-published authors who were not happy with the success of their previous book(s)

Who is this program not for?

We have designed a program that’s meant to support writers who are at many stages in the writing process, but this is not for everyone. The format and approach will likely not suit the following writers:

  • Writers with a completed manuscript who are unwilling to make potentially major changes to their book
  • Writers with a polished manuscript who are primarily interested in learning how to land a publishing deal
  • Traditionally published authors who are already familiar with writing process challenges including finishing multiple drafts, seeking peer feedback, working with an editor, querying an agent, and landing a book deal

Tentative Weekly Schedule, Sep-Nov 2019

  • Sept 3: Introductory video chat and first reading and feedback session
  • Sept 10: Online check-in and feedback provided by Sam Hiyate
  • Sept 17: Video session #2
  • Sept 24: Online check-in #2
  • Oct 1: Video session #3
  • Oct 8: Online check-in #3
  • Oct 15: Video session #4
  • Oct 22: Online check-in #4
  • Oct 29: Video session #5
  • Nov 5: Online check-in #5
  • Nov 12: Video session #6
  • Nov 19: Online check-in #6
  • Nov 26: Potential Make-up/Bonus Session  


In this program you will improve your writing, create the best version of your book, and get published faster, all under the guidance of an expert literary agent with 30 years of experience, in a supportive, motivating environment surround by your peers. The cost is USD $43.33 per week for 12 weeks.

  • Add a 45-minute 1-on-1 session with Sam Hiyate for $99.90 (10% discount)
  • Add 3x 45-minute 1-on-1 sessions with Sam Hiyate for $283.05 (15% discount)
  • Add 5x 45-minute 1-on-1 sessions with Sam Hiyate for $444.00 (20% discount)

Our Guarantee: In our company’s 3-year history we’ve never needed to issue a refund because a client was unhappy. Still, in the unlikely event that you become our first, we will return 100% of your payment.


We stand by our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we realize that life happens. If you need to withdraw from the program early, here are our refund policies:

  • 90% refund before session 2
  • 50% refund if you withdraw before the midway point
  • No refunds after we pass the midway point