Non-Fiction Writer Coaching Program

Led by Literary Agent Sam Hiyate

6-week program begins on November 5th, 2022. 6 writers only!

In this 6-week writer coaching program you will work intensively with Literary Agent Sam Hiyate to write the best version of your non-fiction book or book proposal.

You'll learn—from an expert who has a track record of launching bestsellers—how to maximize your chances of selling your book to a publisher.

Commit to your dreams by (finally) developing your book idea

Do you have a non-fiction book inside of you waiting to come out? 

Ever dream about penning the next great memoir, or becoming the next John McPhee or Joan Didion? 

If you're passionate about business, self-help, spirituality, biography, memoir, cooking, history, or your profession, the time has come to write about it. We'll help you bring it to the world!

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how to write and publish a non-fiction book. writing program with literary agent sam hiyate
person sitting in front of a laptop and writing in a to write a book proposal.

Sell your book proposal before your book

In this program you can choose to write your book itself, or a book proposal.

A book proposal is a detailed outline—like a business plan—of your book and why it matters.

To sell fiction to a publisher, you need a finished draft. But with non-fiction, you can sell the book idea first, then write the book (much like pitching magazine articles.)

By the end of this 6-week program, you will have the skills and knowledge to write your book AND produce a book proposal that you can take to a literary agent, or directly to a publisher.

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What to Expect

What do our group coaching programs look like from the inside? Here's a behind the scenes look..

Boost your motivation in a supportive peer group

There is no better motivation for writers than to share your work and get instant feedback. In this program you will share your work (up to 20 pages each week) and receive helpful feedback and guidance from Literary Agent Sam Hiyate and your writer peers. 

This is a kind of “Writer Boot Camp” (but fun!) that will build you into a better writer, help you finish your book faster, and create the best, most polished product at the end of 6 weeks.

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How will this program kick-start my writing career?

From our experience helping hundreds of writers with their books (and being writers ourselves), we know that writers improve fastest when they share their writing, get feedback, then incorporate that information into their work. 

The best kind of feedback is from an expert in the field, someone who has guided numerous authors to bestseller status over a 30+ year career in publishing, like Literary Agent Sam Hiyate, who will lead this coaching program.

Because this program is limited to 6 writers, everyone will have a chance to share their work each week and receive critical written feedback to revise and improve their manuscript, both from Literary Agent Sam Hiyate and their peers.

At the end of the 6-week program you will have part a book or book proposal written, and you will be well-positioned to publish, either traditionally or by self-publishing.

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About Literary Agent Sam Hiyate

This coaching program is led by Sam Hiyate, literary agent and President of The Rights Factory, an international literary agency based in Toronto.

He teaches creative writing at theUniversity of Toronto and publishing at Ryerson University.

In his 30+ year publishing career he has launched the careers of numerous New York Times Globe and Mail bestselling authors. 

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Books Published by Sam's Clients

Sam has published bestselling authors including:

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Who is this program for?

  • Anyone with an interesting life story to tell through memoir.
  • Professionals with unique knowledge or experiences to share with the world.
  • Writers who are passionate about subjects like business, self-help, spirituality, biography, cooking, or history.
  • Leaders who want to publish a book that will generate more leads or sales.
  • Writers who plan to self-publish, but still want to learn how to structure, position, and market their book, and build their audience.
  • Writers who want to accelerate their progress toward publishing in a 6-week, intensive coaching program, under the guidance of an expert literary agent.

Who is this program NOT for?

We have designed a program that’s meant to support writers who are at many stages in the writing process, but this is not for everyone. The format and approach will likely not suit the following writers:

  • Fiction writers.
  • Writers who mainly want to improve their writing craft.
  • Writers who are unwilling to make potentially major changes to their book.
  • Writers who are primarily interested in learning how to land a publishing deal.
  • Writers who are unwilling to write and submit new work weekly.

Results You Can Count On

Picture holding the first printed copy of your book in your hands, on store shelves around the world, and thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon. This 6-week intensive mentorship will help you get there. 

This program is led by Sam Hiyate, a literary agent with more than 30+ years of experience in the publishing industry. He’s published multiple bestsellers, and he knows great writing and what publishers—and readers—are looking for. 

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stack of books. learn how to publish your book. non fiction group writer coaching with literary agent sam hiyate. improve your writing and learn how to get published
Non-Fiction Writing Program/Workshop with Literary Agent Sam Hiyate

Stop Stressing Over Your Book

Look, you've spent enough time trying to shape your idea into a marketable book.

You've read countless blogs on how to structure a non-fiction book and write a proposal that sells.

You've tried your best to stay motivated long enough to finish a first draft and wade through the query trenches.

You've learned how to plaster a smile on your face and spew vague answers when your friends ask about the progress of your book.

You could stay in this place, confused about the path to publication.

You could continue trading pages with amateur writing friends you met online, scrolling through blogs, wasting time on Twitter.

You could enrol in yet another writing course with no new information.

...But we'd rather help you leave a legacy for the world in the pages of your book!

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Program Format

  • Duration: 6 weeks. Begins on November 5, 2022.
  • Meetings: Saturdays from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, Eastern Time (Toronto/NYC) weekly.
  • Share your work at any time on our private Slack channel for feedback and discussion.
  • Weekly: Slack check-ins from Literary Agent Sam Hiyate, who will provide feedback on your writing and guidance on your project.
  • Most Weeks: 2-hour, live group video chat sessions with Sam and your peers.


Program Schedule

(Dates subject to change.)

  • November 5: Introductory video chat and first sharing & feedback session
  • November 12: Video session
  • November 19: Slack session
  • November 26: Writing catch-up week (no session)
  • December 3: Video session
  • December 10: Slack session
  • December 17: Video session



In this program you will improve your writing, create the best version of your book, and get published faster, all under the guidance of an expert literary agent with more than 30 years of experience, in a supportive, motivating environment surrounded by your peers.

The cost for 6 sessions and ongoing engagement via Slack is USD $795.

Want even more intensive mentorship? Add 1-on-1 coaching with Sam Hiyate.


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Not sure if this program is a fit for you?

Our consultants (who are also writers) will meet with you to discuss your project, goals, and suitability for the program.

Or email us with your questions. We try to accomodate all special requests.


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