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Receive line-by-line feedback about your book, improve your writing, and create a manuscript that agents and publishers want.

Are you ready to submit your book draft to a literary agent or publisher?
Are you ready to self-publish? 

If the answer is yes, but you haven't worked with a professional editor, you may want to push pause.

Professional Editing Can Save You Years of Struggle

Launching a successful book has never been more challenging, whether you take the traditional or self-publishing route.

If your book is not 100% polished—the strongest version it can be—then readers, agents, and publishers simply won't want your book.

After years of toil, do you really want to take that risk?

The Benefits of a Book Edit

When you have your book professionally edited by Kerry Ambrose, you will:

  • Get expert feedback about characters, dialogue, plot, structure, pacing, and other elements of your work.
  • Ensure that your book is as strong as possible 
  • Position your book for sale in the publishing market
  • Increase your chances of attracting a literary agent
  • Save on marketing costs: quality books sell themselves
  • Improve your reputation as a writer by producing a book of the highest quality—perhaps the next must-read work of literature
  • Save your friends and family the agony of editing your book for free, again
  • Increase your book sales and your chances of becoming a commercial success

A book edit with Kerry is an investment in your career and your success.

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What's a Book Edit, You Ask?

This book editing package includes line editing for fiction and non-fiction books.

Kerry will read your manuscript pages line by line, reviewing your word choice and syntax, pacing, and overall flow of the book. 

You will receive:

  • A dedicated line-by-line page review
  • Page notes included throughout your document, using Track Changes
  • A 5- to 25-page report (depending on project size) that includes comments and critical editorial notes on strengths, weaknesses, and recurring issues related to outline, plot, pacing, characters, dialogue, and other elements 

 At the end of this book edit, your manuscript will benefit from:

  • Enhanced readability
  • Improved clarity
  • Reduced wordiness
  • Flagged problematic dialogue and narrative
  • Tightened pacing
  • Finessed mood and narrative tone
  • Curated POV through identification of head-hopping and flashbacks

Why Hire an Editor?

To create a book that is publishable, external help is a necessity, not a luxury. A critique group or a beta reader may be your first stop along the road, but ultimately, you’ll want to seek help from a professional editor—one with a track record for helping others polish and publish their work—like Kerry Ambrose.

All writers need editors. Even literary giants—from Gertrude Stein to Alice Munro to Stephen King—relied on editorial feedback before going to print.

Meet Our Book Doctor

Kerry Ambrose is a professional editor—one of the only editors we trust here at So You Want to Write. 

As a stylistic line editor, Kerry’s expertise will bring your fiction or non-fiction book up to industry standards (using The Chicago Manual of Style). She especially enjoys LGBTQA2S+ and women’s fiction—and books with high body counts.

Her practice is inspired by her experience. A skilled writer with a cheerful wit, she’s penned her own novel, which is currently in development. She has advanced degrees in philosophy and social justice, as well as fifteen years’ experience working in nonprofit, school, and community-based settings.

Before moving to Toronto, she lived on a Pennsylvania battlefield, in the Andean high plains, on a mountaintop in Vermont, and at a Buddhist meditation centre in California.

      What Writers Are Saying About Kerry 

      "Kerry Ambrose is a wonderful editor. She possesses impressive literary skills, and her edits combine detailed attention to grammar with clear, concise writing. Her broad knowledge of cultural and social trends allows her to give insightful feedback on the more general issues my non-fiction books and poetry address. If you want a skilled, conscientious editor, Kerry is an excellent choice."

      — Katie Curtin, Author of Amazon BestsellerThe Happy, Well-Fed Artist: How to Get Your Creative Projects Off the Ground and Into the World 

      "Working with Kerry has been a game changer. I started my trilogy fifteen years ago, but Kerry’s recent editing support helped me finish it. I’m proud to say I'm now preparing to publish! This has been a dream of mine for a long time. Consulting Kerry has been one of the best investments I’ve made on my journey to becoming a published author.”

      Stina Hemming, Author ofWillful Blindness, Book One in the Alex Greene “Ice Queen” legal thriller series

      How This Works

      Book a free 30-minute consultation with Kerry. If it’s a fit, you’ll be asked to provide a 50% deposit and submit your manuscript pages for Kerry’s review. Allow her time to comb through your work—precise timing will be determined by Kerry’s schedule. You’ll come away with page notes and/or a critique letter. Final 50% payment is due on completion.

      To wrap things up, you’ll have a 1-hour follow-up meeting with Kerry on Zoom where you can ask her questions and go over her notes together!


      Kerry's rate for most projects is 2 cents per word. However, we will provide a more precise estimate for your book after we understand your needs.

      Please book a free 30-minute consultation with Kerry to get started.


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