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9am Cafe Morning Writing Sessions
9am Cafe Morning Writing Sessions
9am Cafe Morning Writing Sessions
9am Cafe Morning Writing Sessions
9am Cafe Morning Writing Sessions

9am Cafe Morning Writing Sessions

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30-minute guided writing sessions, Tuesdays & Thursdays this summer

Our 9am Cafe experiment in May was a success, so we've decided to keep it going for the rest of the summer!

This is your daily dose of inspiration and creativity with a new & fun group activity.

We'd love to connect with you in our new 9am CafeOn Tuesday and Thursday mornings (starting June 16th / ending August 27th) we'll get together online and live to just... write!

Our host Lily Ventura will help us start each day on a happy note. She'll give us an inspiring writing prompt, then we’ll fill our hearts with creativity by scribbling for 20 minutes on Zoom (we won't be recording).

A Zoom link to these beautiful morning sessions will be in your inbox the moment you sign up.

The price

We're offering flexible options so you can join us when it suits your schedule:

  • $5 per week—Sign up for one or more choose the week(s)!
  • $45—Sign up for the whole summer (June 16th to August 27th) and save $10
  • $10—Sign up for June (June 16th to June 30th)
  • $20—Sign up for July
  • $20—Sign up for August

Use the drop-down menu at the top of this page to make your choice!

About our workshop host

Lily Ventura

Lily Ventura is a Brazilian mom, writer and coach. She lives by Lake Ontario with her husband, baby, and Rosalinda, an adorable tropical plant (the only pet she could fit in her condo). She is a terrible cook, a horrible baker and a great appreciator of exotic food, magic, and travel. Her biggest “saudade” is the ocean.

Your Questions, Answered

Q: What time do you start the 9am Cafe?
A: 9am sharp, Eastern Time (Toronto/NYC). Sessions will be locked after 5 minutes from the start, so don't be late!

Q: What days will we meet?
A: Tuesdays and Thursdays for summer 2020 (June 16th to August 27th)

Q: What can I write about?
A: Anything that comes to mind!

Q: Do I have to share my writing?
A: Nope!

Q: Can I share my writing?
A: Yes, but not here. Our sessions are intended as focused, distraction-free group writing sessions, not a critique group. Please don't share your writing in the group chat. 

Q: Can I talk?
A: We're disabling participant audio to minimize distractions, but the group chat is enabled and participants are welcome to send messages throughout the session. We will be reading and answering you live. No sharing your writing, please.

Q: Can I share my video?
A: For sure, but you don't have to.

Q: Will you record the session?
A: Nope! Feel free to come wearing sweat pants & bed head.

Q: What will we do in the 30 minutes? 
A: Our host Lily will start us off with a stretch or breathing exercise, a reading, and a writing prompt, then we'll all write for 20 minutes.

Q: What does all this cost?
A: See "The Price" section above.


Join us for this quick, fun, and easy morning exercise!