Short Story Review with Author Tevis Shkodra



45-minute, 1-on-1 video consultation with author & editor Tevis Shkodra, including a pre-reading of your short story.

About the 1-on-1 Meetings

Dream of publishing your short stories in world class magazines? 

Author Tevis Shkodra will meet you 1-on-1 via video chat to give detailed feedback about your short stories and writing style. This includes:

  • 45 minutes 1-on-1 with an accomplished author & editor
  • A thorough reading of your short story prior to your meeting
  • Written notes on your work 

About Tevis Shkodra

Tevis Shkodra is a Toronto-based short story writer and the Editor-In-Chief of Raconteur Literary Magazine. His short stories have been featured in over a dozen online and in-print publications and anthologies. 

Tevis began writing in 2015 and has since penned over 60 stories, publishing over a dozen of them, give-or-take about two publications per year since starting out. He handwrites ideas in an unlined journal and keeps stories in file folders arranged by year written.

In addition to the frequency of publication, Tevis is proud to have published stories across diverse genres, from high fantasy to science-fiction, to murder-mysteries, to literary fiction. 

In 2017, his fantasy short story “The Trials of Man” was anthologized in Aphotic Realm Magazine after being shortlisted as a top finalist for the magazine’s “Short Story of the Year” award. 

In 2019, Tevis co-founded Raconteur Magazine, of which he is the Editor-In-Chief. On average, Raconteur receives somewhere in the ballpark of 500 submissions per issue, from which Tevis reads, rates, and determines which 5 fiction pieces to publish each issue.

How it Works

Once you purchase your session, we'll email you within 2 business days to schedule a meeting date and time, and to chat about any specific requirements or requests you have. 

We'll need to receive your story(ies) 5 days in advance of your meeting so that Tevis has a chance to read it thoroughly.

At the time of your meeting, Tevis will contact you by video chat to dive right in!

You'll walk away with excellent insight from a professional author & editor about your story's structure, your writing style, and how best to revise your piece and get it published!

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