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Raconteur Literary Magazine - Submission Guidelines


Raconteur is a literary magazine publishing engaging, interesting, eclectic and witty writing and artwork by international writers and artists, online and in print, 3 times per year.

We are currently accepting submissions for Issue #3 until September 15th, 2019, which will go to print in late 2019. We will accept submissions on an ongoing basis for future issues.

Readers can order a digital/paperback copy of Vol. I, Issue II by supporting us on Patreon or at Amazon.

Want to check out Issue #1, free? Download it here!


The Raconteur Team:

Tevis Shkodra, Editor-in-Chief

Michael Pietrzak, Editor

Andreea Mihai, Art Director


Genre / Style:

We accept any genre and style, as long as the genre isn't too specific (i.e. it will only appeal to a handful of people). Our main priority is that the story is engaging and memorable. We aren't averse to many subject matters, but anything intentionally offensive or distasteful is unlikely to be accepted. Additionally, work intended for children is not suited to our readership.


Fiction & Non-Fiction submissions under 2000 words. Poetry under 500 words. We may consider longer entries if they are exceptional.


Please submit your work as an email attachment, preferably in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. Kindly use a common, readable font,12 point.

Simultaneous submissions:

Submitting work that is under consideration elsewhere is absolutely fine but we would appreciate being informed if it is picked up by another publication.

Multiple submissions:

Submissions are limited per person to the following:

  • 1 x short story (under 2000 words)
  • 1 x non-fiction piece (under 2000 words)
  • 1 x poem (under 500 words)


Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we cannot accept re-submissions / re-writes of work we have previously rejected unless specifically requested.

Previously published work:

We are unable to consider work that has appeared in other publications. 


We believe a writer should have full control of their work, so all copyright and publication rights remain with the writer at all times. However, we appreciate exclusive publication rights for three months after the issue has been published to ensure maximum impact.


We are based in Toronto but gladly receive (and encourage) submissions worldwide.


We are a new and independently run magazine. All revenues are reinvested to produce the following issue, but we do believe in providing a small, symbolic payment to recognize your work. As we grow so will our rates. They are currently (in US$):

  • Fiction & Nonfiction: $10
  • Poetry: $5

Publication with us also provides you the opportunity to feature and promote your work to the community. We will provide a link to your blog, website, social media, or to the online retailer where your books are for sale. Each of our writers will receive a complimentary epub copy of the issue they feature in.


Please include a short bio about yourself and your publication history along with your submission. If selected, we will request an additional bio with a specific word count to feature alongside your piece.

Editorial Process:

Selected pieces will be subject to editorial guidance from the Raconteur team, including minor cosmetic edits, and requests to the author for targeted edits. We will work with you through the whole process to ensure both parties come away happy with the final product.

Response times:

We aim to make a decision within 45 days of receiving your piece, but due to the large volume of submissions we receive we are unable to respond to everyone. If you do not receive a response within 60 days, please know that we read your piece carefully but decided it wasn't a fit for this issue.


Submissions are currently OPEN and we intend to publish Issue #3 in late 2019.

Once you have thoroughly read and agreed to the submissions guidelines, please send your work to

Please do not expect a response if you fail to carefully follow the guidelines.

That's it! Thanks!


*** By submitting your work you agree to our Terms of Service

Artwork Submissions

Please send all artwork to submissions@raconteurmag.comPlease use “ARTWORK - your name” in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email, please highlight a brief bio about yourself.

If you have an Art Station, Deviant Art, Tumble, Instagram, or website portfolio, please provide us with a list so we may visit your work.

If you do not have an online portfolio, you may send us your work directly. However, please ensure artwork is sent as a .PDF file. Any attachment of a different file type will be deleted.

You must own all the right to all work you send.

Some tips:

  1. Color artwork is preferred. Although we won’t discredit amazing Black & White pieces, color is preferred.

  2. Author names and our header will appear on all finished covers. If your art contains crucial elements that appear in these locations (header/footer), it will not work for us. If we're very enthusiastic about a piece that suffers from this problem, we may ask if you'd be willing to make changes.

  3. Landscape artwork is preferred but not required. Since we use landscape art as wrap-around covers for the print edition, it should be able to stand alone when only the right half is visible.

  4. Artwork must be available in a 300dpi .tif. Landscape covers measure 11" wide by 8.5" high. (Portrait 5.5" wide by 8.5 high.) Artwork for covers must include a 1/4" bleed. Do not crop your own artwork if it goes outside these margins.

  5. Artwork must not suffer when resized. This sounds funny, but since we are using the cover on the website and on the print edition, we are working with very different dimensions and need pieces that work at several sizes. If your amazingly cool image looks muddy at 250 pixels high, it won't work for us.

  6. We will not consider artwork that has been previously used for magazine or book cover. We reserve the right to make exceptions, but they will be rare and by-invitation.

We prefer 2D art. Digital or traditional painting. Photography and photo-realistic styles are not typically used for our covers.

Once you have read and agreed to the submissions guidelines, please send your work to

*** By submitting your work you agree to our Terms of Service