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Short Fiction Critique with Editor Jessica de Bruyn

Short Fiction Critique with Editor Jessica de Bruyn

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Perfect Your Short Fiction

Jessica will thoroughly read your work of short fiction and create a detailed critique letter outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the draft.

This critique will be at least 800 words and will discuss plotting, structure, character development, dialogue, descriptive text, style, pacing and how your story will fit into the current market.

In addition to the letter, you can also request page notes comments throughout your manuscripts that include Jessica’s impressions and suggestions while reading.

These are presented with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature and can help to offer examples of points discussed in your Critique Letter and will highlight smaller issues throughout the read.


Short Fiction Critique

  • Critique Letter: $250 for first 20,000 words, $10/1,000 words additional
  • Critique Letter with Page Notes: $350 for first 20,000 words, $14/1,000 words additional