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Collection: Professional Editing

Editor Jessica de Bruyn

No book goes to print without an editor

You've finished the 3rd draft of your book, invested a year in writing it, another year in polishing it, and you're proud of your masterpiece.

Still, it's not finished unless a professional editor has read it over and provided critical feedback.

Even the prosfrom Gertrude Stein to Stephen King—relied on a sober second opinion before their works went to print.

We have you covered

We've carefully selected our in-house professional editor, Jessica de Bruyn, to take our writers' books from pretty great to polished.

For more than ten years, Jessica has worked with writers to help craft the best possible stories in short and long-form fiction as well as for the stage and screen.

Whether you're planning to self-publish your work or go the traditional route, let Jessica help you produce your best work possible.

About Editor Jessica de Bruyn

Jessica has been a consultant and editor for several literary agencies, including The Rights Factory and 5 Otter Literary, and Editor-in-Residence here at

As a substantive & structural editor, she specializes in juvenile fiction, speculative fiction, women’s lit and commercial fiction. She is also an experienced editor of non-fiction and literary fiction.

Jessica also has more than a decade of experience working in sales and marketing copy. She has helped a number of writers to craft their query letters and synopses for submission to agents and publishers and has helped self-published authors to create front and back matter for their books, as well as creating loglines to be used in marketing campaigns.

She is the co-creator of the publishing website and the co-host of the podcast Pub Hub, which is a behind the scenes look at the publishing industry.

Jessica also served as a Head Reader for Abbott Management, an agency representing screenwriters and has edited finalists in the PAGE Screenwriting Competition. For the past four years, she has been a judge for the Ink & Insights writing contest.

At Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, Jessica studied under editors and publishers representing all five of the major publishing houses.


Your project is unique, and we encourage you to reach out to us at to discuss your particular needs.

However, we do offer a range of pre-built packages to suit your needs & budget*

* Prices in USD

1. Manuscript Critique

  • Critique Letter: $600 for up to 60,000 words; $10/1000 words after that.
  • Critique Letter with Page Notes: $750 for up to 60,000 words; $14/1000 words after that.

    Jessica will thoroughly read your manuscript and create a detailed critique letter outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the draft.

    This critique will be at least 2,000 words and will discuss plotting, structure, character development, dialogue, descriptive text, style, pacing and how your book will fit into the current market.

    This letter is comparable to critique letters by agents and acquiring editors in traditional publishing houses like Penguin Random House and HarperCollins.

    In addition to the letter, you can also request page notes comments throughout your manuscripts that include Jessica’s impressions and suggestions while reading.

    These are presented with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature; these notes can offer examples of points discussed in your Critique Letter and will highlight smaller issues and successes throughout the read.


    2. Short Fiction Critique (Up to 40,000 words)

    • Critique Letter: $250 for up to 20,000 words; $10/1,000 words after that.
    • Critique Letter with Page Notes: $350 for up to 20,000; $14/1,000 words after that.

    This option is similar to the manuscript critique on a smaller scale and offers a critique letter of at least 800 words.


    3. Submission Package Critique

    • Critique Letter: $400
    • Critique Letter with Page Notes: $500

    With this service, Jessica will look at the first 10,000 words of your manuscript, your query letter and synopsis from the perspective of an agent or acquiring editor.

    Your critique will include comments on the merit of the story and writing as well as an assessment of the book’s potential within the current market.


    4. Query Letter & Synopsis Critique and Coaching

    • Query Letter: $250
    • Synopsis: $250
    • Query Letter and Synopsis: $400

    This service provides a critique of your current query letter and/or synopsis and up to two revisions.

    With this service, Jessica will help you determine the right comparative titles to your work, will help craft copy to show the salability of your book and will help you to create a synopsis that best encompasses the entirety of your story, including its tone and writing style.

    5. Marketing & Publicity Copywriting & Editing

    • $60/hr

    Jessica will write or edit your front and back matter or marketing copy. For more information about this service, please email us at with the details of your project and budget.

    We will respond with options of what Jessica can offer within your price range.

    • Query Letter & Synopsis Critique and Coaching with Editor Jessica de Bruyn
      Regular price
      $ 250.00 USD
      Sale price
      $ 250.00 USD
    • Manuscript Critique with Editor Jessica de Bruyn
      Regular price
      $ 599.00 USD
      Sale price
      $ 599.00 USD
    • Submission Package Critique with Editor Jessica de Bruyn
      Regular price
      $ 400.00 USD
      Sale price
      $ 400.00 USD
    • Short Fiction Critique with Editor Jessica de Bruyn
      Regular price
      $ 250.00 USD
      Sale price
      $ 250.00 USD
    • Marketing & Publicity Copywriting & Editing with Editor Jessica de Bruyn
      Regular price
      $ 60.00 USD
      Sale price
      $ 60.00 USD