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[How to Write for Magazines] Online Workshop with Freelancer Michael Pietrzak


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About this online workshop

This 2-hour online workshop is designed for writers who dream of earning a living by publishing in well-known print & online magazines like Entrepreneur, National Geographic, and WIRED

In this workshop you'll learn how to choose the right publications, how to pitch, and how to tailor your writing for magazines, from a professional freelance magazine writer.

How will this workshop kick-start my writing career?

Workshop leader and author Michael Pietrzak will use in-class exercises and real-world examples to teach you:

  1. Where to find & how to choose magazines that want your writing.
  2. Why your pitches so far have met with silence.
  3. How to structure your email subject line & pitch to get a "Yes."
  4. How to choose a story that people actually want to read.
  5. How to position yourself as the best person to write this piece.
  6. BONUS: How to build your author platform.

This workshop also includes:

  • A live analysis of your pitch (3 to 5 writers only; first come, first served.)
  • Detailed tips and tools that will help you improve your writing and get published.
  • A chance to ask questions of Michael Pietrzak, live, or by email after the event. All questions will be answered!
  • A video recording of the workshop emailed to you after the event.

Am I ready for this workshop?

YES! This workshop is open to you writers who are at any stage of your writing journey, in any genre, and who want to begin writing for magazines or increase the success rate of your pitches, under the guidance of a professional freelance writer.

Whether you have...

  • Just an idea in your head
  • An outline for an article
  • A few lines down on paper, or
  • A completed article
...Then you will benefit from this workshop. Join us to learn from a helpful mentor about how to make a living writing for magazines!


How Does it Work?

Join online: Participate in the workshop from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. You'll get to interact with Michael and the other participants using video, audio, and text chat (or, you can lurk in the background - we don't mind!)

Ask Michael questions live during the event, or send them in by email afterwards. Limited to 25 writers.

We use Zoom for our webinars. Don't want to share your webcam? No problem, we won't make you!

About Michael Pietrzak

This online workshop is led by Michael Pietrzak, a freelance writer, founder of So You Want to Write?, and Mindset & Habits coach to entrepreneurs.

Michael has published dozens of articles in entrepreneur lifestyle magazine, SUCCESS (online & print) as well as men's magazine, Pursuit.

He is a professor of communications at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, and works 1-on-1 with entrepreneurs & professionals to teach improved mindset & habits.

What editors are saying

"Michael... I love your story idea!"
– Susan Kane, former Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS Magazine

"I think this is a great contribution to the site.  Thanks for agreeing to work with us and let’s look at future opportunities. 
 Tim Gallant, DailyXY Magazine

"Thanks for sending! We like this unique topic and want to move forward and publish on!"
 Cecilia Meis, former Assistant Editor, SUCCESS Magazine

"Outstanding job, Michael."
 Josh Ellis, Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS Magazine

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