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1-on-1 Consultation with Freelancer Michael Pietrzak

1-on-1 Consultation with Freelancer Michael Pietrzak

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45-minute, 1-on-1 video consultation with freelance writer Michael Pietrzak, including a pre-reading of up to 3 pitches & a writing sample.

About the 1-on-1 Meetings

Dream of getting paid to write for well-known magazines? 

Freelance writer Michael Pietrzak will meet you 1-on-1 via video chat to give detailed feedback about your pitches and writing style. This includes:

  • 45 minutes 1-on-1 with a professional freelance writer
  • A review of up to 3 of your pitches
  • A thorough reading of up to 20 pages (double-spaced) of your writing 

About Michael Pietrzak

Michael is a freelance writer, founder of So You Want to Write?, and a Mindset & Habits Coach to entrepreneurs.

He has published dozens of articles in entrepreneur lifestyle magazine, SUCCESS (online & print), as well as men's magazine, Pursuit.

He is a professor of communications at Fanshawe College, and works 1-on-1 with entrepreneurs & professionals to teach improved mindset & habits.

What Editors are Saying About Michael

"Michael... I love your story idea!"
– Susan Kane, former Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS Magazine

"I think this is a great contribution to the site.  Thanks for agreeing to work with us and let’s look at future opportunities. 
 Tim Gallant, DailyXY Magazine

"Thanks for sending! We like this unique topic and want to move forward and publish on!"
 Cecilia Meis, former Assistant Editor, SUCCESS Magazine

"Outstanding job, Michael."
 Josh Ellis, Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESS Magazine

How it Works

Once you purchase your session, we'll email you within 2 business days to schedule a meeting date and time, and to chat about any specific requirements or requests you have. 

We'll need to receive your pitches & pages 5 days in advance of your meeting so that Michael has a chance to read them thoroughly.

At the time of your meeting, Michael will contact you by video chat to dive right in!

You'll walk away with excellent insight from a professional about how to find & choose magazines, how to pitch, and how to get invited back to write another article!