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About this workshop

This 2-hour workshop is designed for you aspiring authors who write for the YA (Young Adult), MG (Middle Grade), and Children's (Kidlit) Market: readers from ages 0 to 18. It will help you write and publish your literary masterpiece, no matter what stage you're at. 

In this workshop, YA & Kidlit author, editor, and former literary agent Alisha Sevigny will teach you how to navigate the writing & publishing process to help your book sell.

Join us, and we'll help you finally head out on that book tour you've been dreaming about!

Meet Alisha!

How will this workshop kick-start my YA or Kidlit writing career?

How do you find the right agent and publisher for your one-and-only book, the one you've been working on forever!?

In 2022's crowded market, navigating the publishing process is more difficult than ever. Too many writers' work goes undiscovered—but with insight from an industry professional (Alisha), you can find the perfect agent-publisher fit for your YA or Kidlit book.

In this workshop, YA & Kidlit author Alisha Sevigny will lay out the exact steps you need to take to get your writing project published. She will:

  • Teach you how to position your work and market yourself to get the attention of the agent or editor you want
  • Demystify the querying process
  • Illustrate the ideal agent-author relationship
  • Outline what to expect when self-publishing
  • Explain what publishers and editors are really looking for
  • And help you pursue publication with confidence!
Come prepared with an elevator pitch for your book, to read aloud—entirely optional (How to write an elevator pitch).

In this 2-hour workshop you will also learn:
    • How to know when you're ready to submit to agents and/or editors
    • Do you actually need a literary agent?
    • What can you expect an agent to do for you?
    • How to find the right literary agent fit for you
    • Querying an agent, and query letter do's and don'ts

    Finally, this workshop includes:
    • Detailed tips and tools that will help you improve your writing and get published
    • A chance to ask questions of Alisha Sevigny, either during the workshop or by email after the event. All questions will be answered!
    • video recording of the workshop emailed to you after the event


      Am I ready for this workshop?

      YES! We believe in you! This workshop is open to writers who are at any stage of the writing journey, writing in any genre of children's literature.

      The best way to improve your writing and increase your chances of selling your book to a publisher is to be guided by a YA & Kidlit expert. Alisha Sevigny, a former professional literary agent, has 10+ years of experience as an agent and author, making her exactly that.

      Whether you have...

      • Just an idea in your head
      • An outline of your book
      • A few lines down on paper, or
      • A full manuscript will benefit from this workshop. Join us to learn from an expert how to write and sell your YA or Kidlit book!

      About Alisha Sevigny 

      Alisha Sevigny is a former literary agent, current freelance editor and published author of several acclaimed Young Adult (YA) novels, SUMMER CONSTELLATIONS, KISSING FROGS, and the SECRETS OF THE SANDS trilogy, set in Ancient Egypt.

      As a former literary agent with The Rights Factory, Alisha has had the pleasure of representing many talented domestic and international clients, including a holistic beauty guru and a renowned environmental activist, as well as several debut fiction authors:

      • Kristen Ma (Beauty, Pure and Simple)
      • Emily Hunter (The Next Eco-Warriors)
      • Susan Glickman (The Tale-Teller, Safe as Houses)
      • Aya Tsintziras (Pretty Bones)
      • Karen Wheeler (Tout Allure, Tout Suite)

      Exceedingly familiar with the publishing industry, both as a former agent and hybrid writer, Alisha specializes in pitches and developmental edits.

      Her editorial client, P.H. Oliver, (THE GYNESAURS) was the only self-published author to be long-listed for 2018's Stephen Leacock Medal of Humour Award, representing the top 10 funniest books in the country. 

      Other freelance clients include award-winning musician, Linda Brooks, and her non-fiction collection of essays, songs and photographs, ORCHESTRA IN MY GARDEN.

      Alisha is continuously giving workshops on the writing and publishing process and enjoys working with authors of all genres and backgrounds.

      What Writers are Saying About Alisha

      "Working with Alisha was wonderful — from pitching to her via email to meeting in person to discuss her evaluation. Alisha made it easy to work together as she is always pleasant and genuinely cares about helping writers. I appreciate that she offered lots of encouragement and specific recommendations to help make my book the best it can be."
      — Marisa B., Toronto

      "I really benefited from the clear comments on my manuscript which Alisha provided me. They were concise, very helpful and improved my knowledge of the writing trade. Her comments certainly improved the quality my non-fiction novel. 
      — James B., Orillia

      "Alisha was a great help in reviewing and in helping to refine my pitch for my novel before sending it off to a literary agent." 
      — Rhesa S., Toronto

      "Alisha combed through my 140,000 word manuscript offering many different strategies that I could employ to bring it down to the recommended maximum word count (under 100,000) for the genre in which it would be classified.  Readers have since told me that they were most impressed with the tightness and pace of the book, feeling that every line was worth reading.  There is no doubt in my mind that this high praise was due to Alisha's keen instinct for what a reader wants and needs in order to keep turning the page.  Indeed, this, I would say, is the hallmark of Alisha's own writing. She pointed out plot and character inconsistencies that I had missed, even after much scrutiny and gently curtailed my penchant for overly verbose descriptions. She provides a thorough and discerning voice that will allow you to reconsider and/or validate your work from a fresh and knowledgeable perspective, always keeping the writer's delicate ego in mind.  A pleasure to work with from beginning to end."
      — P.H. Oliver

      How does this work?

      Join online: Participate in the workshop from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. You will get to ask questions by video chat or by typing them out, which Alisha will answer during the workshop. Limited to 20 writers.

      Plus, add a 45-minute 1-on-1 manuscript review with Alisha and save 10%. It's the best way to improve your book, and can be scheduled any time. Learn more about the 1-on-1s here

      We use Zoom Webinars for this online workshop. Don't want to share your webcam? No problem, we won't make you!

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