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FREE [Marginalized Voices] Writing Workshop with Literary Agent Beth Marshea


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Virtual event, September 7th, 2022, 2:00PM to 3:00PM Eastern Time

About this FREE online workshop

This 60-minute workshop is designed for new and intermediate writers who identify with a marginalized community.

It will demystify the book writing process and help you navigate the publishing industry so you can improve your craft, become a better advocate for your work, and up your chances of selling your book to a publisher that supports your unique voice and approach to storytelling.

In this workshop, Literary Agent Beth Marshea will share valuable resources that will leave you feeling motivated, and confident about the exact next steps you need to take to write and publish your book.

Join us on September 7th, 2022, and we'll help you finally head out on that book tour you've been dreaming about!

How will this workshop kick-start my writing career?

How do you become the best advocate for your work? And how do you find the right agent and publisher to represent and sell your book?

In 2022's crowded market, navigating the publishing process is more difficult than ever. Too many writers' work goes undiscovered, even when they have a unique perspective and intriguing story.

But with insight from an industry professional (Beth), you will learn to navigate the publishing industry so you can sell your book and ensure your distinct voice is heard.

In this workshop, literary agent Beth Marshea will share:

  • An overview on how publishing has changed and where it might be in the future.
  • Success stories from her clients, and more importantly a discussion on why your voice matters.
  • Tips on why even great stories get overlooked and how you can stand out to win over the agent of your dreams.
  • Suggested reading for those looking to improve their craft.
  • An overview of what to expect in Beth's 12-week writer coaching program, from a craft perspective.

At the end of the workshop there will be a Q&A session where you can ask Beth anything about writing and publishing. Come prepared with your questions!  

Am I ready for this workshop?

YES, we believe in you! This workshop is open to writers that identify with a marginalized community who are at any stage of the writing journey, writing in any genre.

The best way to improve your writing and increase your chances of selling your book to a publisher is to be guided by an expert. Beth Marshea is a literary agent that has, for years, prioritized bringing more diversity into publishing, making her exactly that.

Whether you have...

  • Just an idea in your head
  • An outline of your book
  • A few lines down on paper, or
  • A full manuscript will benefit from this workshop. Join us to learn from an expert how to write and sell your book!

About Beth Marshea

Beth is the owner and Lead Agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. She has a BA in Literature and a Masters in Business Administration and is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring more diversity into publishing and beyond.

Beth has had the pleasure of representing many clients, including:

  • V Castro (Aliens: Vasquez, The Haunting of Alejandra)
  • Catherine Adel West (Saving Ruby King, The Two Lives of Sara)
  • M Shelly Conner (Everyman)
  • Cody Luff (Ration)
  • Nneka Okona (Self-Care for Grief, The Little Book of Self-Care)
  • Loretta Brady (Technology Touchpoints)
  • Harshita Jerath (Eva's Sweet Recipe, The Leaping Laddoo)
  • BL Radley (Strictly No Heroics)

In addition to agenting, Beth presents at conferences across the United States including Writers Day Conferences, Atlanta Writers Groups, Metro West Writers Group, Futurescapes and many more.

She teaches regular classes at her local community center and is always looking for ways to reach out and uplift writers. She is passionate about all writing but has a soft spot for mysteries and thrillers in all age categories.

What Writers are Saying About Beth Marshea

"A talented agent and editor who made observations that other people missed. I hope to follow her recommendations. I grew to respect her greatly for her help."
— David Woodard

"First off, I got to say WOW!! I NEVER give 5 star reviews but I would give this collaboration 6 stars if I could. Working with Beth was more than ideal. My first experience and she hit it out of the park. She helped me get my query letter to where I loved it, and now it's out there working for me. Thank you, Beth! I heartily recommend you to all folks searching for excellent precise and insightful editing."
— Gabrielle Reynolds

"Beth offers many helpful insights and always does thorough work. Her help was much appreciated."
— Terri Fitzsimmons

"Beth is the agent I always wanted: an eager, no-nonsense advocate of my work. I feel lucky to have her support."
— Jamie Yourdon, author of Froelich's Ladder and The Space Between Two Deaths

"Beth Marshea is like the best of stories. She is curious, given to the profound, hungry for the superb, and cheerfully tireless. As an agent she has discovered the mystical balance business acumen and tireless respect for the creative. She reads deeply, believes strongly, and carries good writing through this world like a torch."
— Cody Luff, author of Ration

"Beth takes on work that she is passionate about and then makes sh*t happen. She is driven, intense, smart, funny, and about as loyal a human as you’ll ever find."
— Tammy Lynne Stoner, author of Sugar Land

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How does this work?

60-Minute Zoom WorkshopParticipate in the workshop from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.

You'll get to interact with Beth and the other participants using video, audio, and text chat (or you can watch quietly in the background—we don't mind)! Limited to 100 writers.

Ask Beth questions either live during the event, or send them in by email afterwards.  We use Zoom for our webinars. Activating your webcam is not required to participate!

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